September 22, 2017 - You have received the green light from management to change your LMS and training approach. Excellent! This is your chance to make a mark and to have a positive impact on your company’s culture and growth.

So where do you start? What should you look for in a new LMS? We recommend putting together a list of training elements which are essential to your training goals and execution. If you know what you are looking for, it will be easier to find. Here are 5 must have LMS features we recommend securing for your company.

Mobile Learning

Are you losing the battle to keep your employees off their smartphones? Try changing tactics. Give them something constructive to do on their iPhones and androids. Make their compliance training accessible via phone and tablet. At Edcomm Banker’s Academy, we offer HTML5 mobile-friendly training. That means training is at your fingertips every second of the day.

An employee can take their training while they take the bus to work, or when they wait in an airport to catch their next business flight. You may find that if you increase accessibility to the training material, learners will be motivated to take their training in a timely manner. This is especially true for your busy, board of directors and senior management staff. When company demands are pulling them in different directions, increased accessibility makes it easier to meet company deadlines. You can study up on human resources policies while polishing off your peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Even your employees who are out on leave can brush up on corporate policies from the comfort of their own home.

Mobile Learning

Social Collaboration

The best Learning Management Systems are built to encourage social collaboration. Virtual interaction gives an instant sense of gratification and communication. This is why the content marketers on your team keep a close eye on the number of Facebook likes and Twitter impressions. It can be addicting, but in a good way.

Our Edcomm LMS platform features a My LMS Twitter. With it, you can share your impressions regarding your training experience. For example, a learner can comment on how much they enjoyed the Project Management curriculum, which expanded their time management skills and strategies. You can also use this tool to build hype and excitement for the annual or quarterly training release. It is pretty neat to see your coworkers follow you and value what you have to say. This collaborative tool also enables you to have a dialogue with your coworkers. Learning can be more meaningful and retained longer when shared and actively discussed within the team.

Virtual Classroom

Not everyone can make it to the corporate office for the meeting? No worries. As long as your training platform integrates a virtual classroom element, your team can be at different branches but still be on the same page and on the same phone call.

Edcomm LMS offers a Virtual Classroom tool. This tool enables you to sync your GotoMeeting, WebEx, or DimDim video conference account on the Learning Management Platform. It simplifies the meeting process as a learner does not have to root through old emails to find the call details. Instead, they can log on to the LMS and see meeting information on their home page on the Virtual Classroom widget. The LMS becomes a one stop shop, as you can plan the meeting as an admin and have a record of this training instance preserved.

Video Training

Tired of needing to click through training slide by slide? Consider swapping out traditional training for video training. It appeals to employees of all learning types. Your visual and auditory learners will be especially pleased to see training that is designed to help them succeed.

We have recently released the Edcomm Video Library Series. It cultivates your employee’s potential through professional skills focused videos. Our Edcomm Video Library Series offers a little bit of everything. For your content marketers, there is Social Media training material that helps fine tune their techniques and learn how to more effectively engage their audience. For your management team, there are Leadership, Meeting Skills, and Interviewing Skills focused training. Your Technology team may be excited to know that there is even training on how to secure data and respond to a computer security threat.

We give you the freedom to narrate your own story. Edcomm LMS makes it easy to stream or download your own videos. You can film a video in house, and then add it to your annual compliance training. Alternatively, if you do not have the resources or time to film your own video, you can grab the hyperlink of an informative YouTube video and make it available to learners.

Offline Classroom Feature

For a full learning experience, we also recommend finding a tool that creates a space for you to track in-house training. This way when your auditors come to check in with your state of compliance, you can pull an attendance report on who went to the Tellers basic training session. A face-to-face component can help ingrain the online training you assign on annual basis. It can also be handy in the case of keep track of the New Hire training.

Edcomm LMS hosts a state-of-the-art Offline Classroom Feature. With it, you can keep tabs on everything from what materials need to be prepared for the in-house training session, to what vendor is hosting the training, to key note speakers. It is a fantastic tool for communication as you can schedule email notifications to go out to learners upon being invited to a training session and reminders before the session starts. Many clients prefer using this tool, as opposed to maintaining a personal spreadsheet because it can be attendance records are delivered in a report format, and are easily able to be shared and edited by other administrators.

Please feel free to contact the Edcomm Team directly to discuss your training goals and how we can rise to make them a reality.

By: Madelyn Fagan